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What exactly is website development? How is that different from the website design?

Let’s use an analogy here. If you’re working with a designer on your website, the designer is like an architect — he or she is going to decide where all of the elements, images, and text on your site are placed, in the same way that an architect creates a blueprint for a home. A website developer’s job is to build the website, like a builder builds a house. A developer uses what the designer has created and transforms that into a fully functioning site.

Will I have access to my site dashboard or do all changes need to go through you?

We’re big believers in empowering our clients when it comes to their site content. You may not have access to your dashboard in the early stages of development, but once complete, you will be able to make any additions and changes you’d like to your pages and products. There may be some coding-based changes or additions that you need assistance a few months after your site is complete — our support team is happy to help with those (hourly rates would apply for any ongoing support work).

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