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What is website development and how is it different from website design?

Think of your website designer as an architect. The designer determines the layout, positioning elements, images, and text, much like an architect drafts a blueprint for a house. Meanwhile, the website developer acts as the builder, constructing the site based on the designer’s plans. The developer takes the designer’s vision and brings it to life, creating a fully operational website.

Will I have access to my site's backend or will all changes have to go through you?

We strongly believe in empowering our clients to manage their own site’s content. You might not have access to your dashboard during the initial development phase, but once your site is finished, you will have the ability to make additions or changes to your pages and products. If you need assistance with coding-based changes or additions a few months after your site is complete, our support team is here to help. (Please note that ongoing support work will be billed at an hourly rate.)

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